From the Moodle HQ FRONTEND team

Forum reply by e-mail

A mechanism to reply to forum posts by replying to forum e-mails.

This also includes the ability to send other types of e-mail to Moodle, for example to upload private files.

Grader Report improvements

Improvements to the Grader Report to make it easier to view on smaller screens

These improvements focus around floating headers on the table.

User menu dropdown

A new dropdown menu for users has been implemented.

From the Moodle HQ BACKEND team

Event Monitor

This brand new Moodle plugin will allow users to monitor and be notified about events that happen in Moodle, in real time.

Report Builder

The Report Builder will allow users to generate reports that combine information from logs and other source (activities, courses, users, etc.).

At this stage the prototype is very preliminary, but we will be seeking input on this new feature soon.

Natural Weighting

Natural weighting is a new way to calculate aggregated grades.

From The Open University

New edit quiz page

The edit quiz page where you assemble questions to make a quiz has been rewritten.